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Out of this World
Screen printing at Cornish College
Copyright: Jake Galm
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 6000x3000
Uploaded: 24/01/2013
Updated: 13/03/2013


Tags: mumblejinx; jake galm; sticker art; street art; print; out_of_this_world
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Bernd Kronmueller
Future town 2
Артём Рязанов
Western Watchtower, First Dragon - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Bernd Kronmueller
Construction site on Mars
Dirk Rabe
Red And White Room
Mat Reb
Living Miñones Version 2 (COMIDA)
Daniel Christaldi
Gran Turismo - Ronda Spain
Артём Рязанов
Castle - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Star Conflict
Ice Belt
Mike Mackinven
Moonset Aoraki Mount Cook
Rafael Garé
Luc Room
Артём Рязанов
Welcome to the Oasis - Borderlands 2
Tibor Illes
National Theatre - box of honour
Willy Kaemena
Gregor Kervina
Panoramic view from Urslja Gora Mountain (Plesivec) Slovenia - Slovenj Gradec, Ravne na Koroskem, Prevalje... and Austria bedhind...
guizhou Guanxing Road
Guizhou Xingyi Road
Sergi March
Novodevichy Monastery. Moscva. Russia
Lee Casalena
Golden Gate Bridge from Hendrik Point
Ivan Tsyrkunovich
Старая водяная мельница
Bo de Visser
Circus Renz, Haarlem (2010)
Jann Lipka
Kungsträdgården - ice-skating
Ian Wright
Embarcadero, San Francisco
Leif Nygaard Eilertsen
COP15 Climate Labyrinth 20091216
Jake Galm
201203 Apartment Livingroom04edit
Jake Galm
MumbleJinx's Apartment Living Room Dream 03 - 03/2012
Jake Galm
MumbleJinx's Apartment Dj Booth Dream 02 03/2012
Jake Galm
MumbleJinx Apartment Living Room Dream 03/2012 01
Jake Galm
201203 Apartment Bathroom01edit
Jake Galm
MumbleJinx's Apartment Dj Booth Dream 01 03/2012
Jake Galm
MumbleJinx's Apartment Bedroom Dream 01 03/2012
Jake Galm
MumbleJinx's Apartment Living Room Dream 02 03/2012
Jake Galm
MumbleJinx's Apartment Kitchen Dream 02 - 03/2012
Jake Galm
Back in the Lab
Jake Galm
Expo13 Remix01
Jake Galm
Expo13 Remix02
More About Out of this World

The planet Earth has proven to be too limiting for our awesome community of panorama photographers. We're getting an increasing number of submissions that depict locations either not on Earth (like Mars, the Moon, and Outer Space in general) or do not realistically represent a geographic location on Earth (either because they have too many special effects or are computer generated) and hence don't strictly qualify for our Panoramic World project.But many of these panoramas are extremely beautiful or popular of both.So, in order to accommodate our esteemed photographers and the huge audience that they attract to 360Cities with their panoramas, we've created a new section (we call it an "area") called "Out of this World" for panoramas like these.Don't let the fact that these panoramas are being placed at the Earth's South Pole fool you - we had to put them somewhere in order not to interfere with our Panoramic World.Welcome aboard on a journey "Out of this World".