Arden Plaza Baotou-1a
Inner Mongolia

Ahl the Ding square located at Baotou Municipal government building front, north depends on the steel and iron

avenue, east is the financial building, west for the country trade building, south side is the local biggest

downtown park - - youth garden. Ahl the Ding square completed at first in 1989. As my city politics, cultural and

resident rest and recreation activity important place, although the greenery has create shaded, but because the

infrastructure fell behind obsoletely, specially along with urban economy's fast development and my city large-scale

square construction level's unceasing enhancement, this square already could not satisfy the assembly, the leisure

request in recent years, transforms imperative. in 2003, the improvement project laid a foundation, the project

total investment 16,700,000 Yuan, insisted that humanist and succinct, grave, elegant, kind principle, in the

original layout's foundation, through the local adjustment, used the new material and the modern science and

technology method, the enrichment, the consummation square service function, the promotion scale and the cultural

personal status, caused it to become demonstrates Baotou image the symbolic square. After transformation Ahl the

Ding square erroneous is 6.27 hectares, afforests the erroneous is 24,000 square meters, the hardened erroneous

38,400 square meters, occupy a land area of 2916 square meters including the arid land eruptive fountain. What is

specially noticeable is the square north side municipal government building dead ahead repairs a white marble

national flag flagpole place, on important holiday, the people may see grand rises the national flag ceremony.

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More About Inner Mongolia

Short Inner Mongolia. Located in the northern frontier of China, Northwest close to Mongolia and Russia. Area of 110 square kilometers; population of 23.26 million; to the largest number of Mongolian and Han, in addition, there are Korean, Hui, Manchu, Daur, Ewenki, Oroqen and other nationalities. Region is divided into 7 Union, jurisdiction 5 prefecture-level cities; its 15 county-level cities under another jurisdiction, 17 counties, 49 flags, 3 Autonomous Banner. Its capital. Baotou, Wulanchabu, Wuhai, Hailar, Tongliao and other major cities in the region.