Barumini Su Nuraxi

Su Nuraxi is the best known archaeological site of Sardinia and it's undoubtedly a symbol of the whole island. Located in Barumini, a little town in the beautiful region of Marmilla, it was unearthed after 6 years of hard work in the '50s. Every year it's visited by thousands of tourists from around the world, fascinated by the imposing, the majesty and the mystery of this ancient fortress dating from the sixteenth a.c.

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Tags: archeology; site; nuragic; ancient; culture; tower; stone; fortress; monument; wall
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Ivan Sgualdini
Barumini Su Nuraxi Corte Centrale
Ivan Sgualdini
Barumini Su Nuraxi Torre Centrale
Ivan Sgualdini
Barumini Su Nuraxi
Hans Zijlstra
Green Train Back
Hans Zijlstra
Outside Nuraghe Piscu
Hans Zijlstra
Inside Nuraghe Piscu
Paolo e Mauro Mattiello
S.Anastasia's archeological area and nuragic hut (X cent. b.C.)
Paolo e Mauro Mattiello
Ancient church of Sant'Anastasia
Paolo e Mauro Mattiello
Holy well from the inside (1200 b.C.), S.Anastasia
Paolo e Mauro Mattiello
Holy well (1200 b.C.), nuragic civilization, S.Anastasia
Paolo e Mauro Mattiello
Ancient church of S.Anastasia and holy well temple (1200 b.C.)
Hans Zijlstra
Seui Water Spring
Laszlo Padar
Fisherman's Bastion bluehour
Jan Koehn
Nuremberg Castle in Winter
Johannes Span
Rattenberger Advent1
Andrea Biffi
Rome burning
Zibo Wei
Evgeny Efimov
Boracay waterfront, Philippines
Toni Garbasso
Marsala fish market
Luciano Correa | Vista Panoramica
Pedra e aventura ginasio de escalada indoor em taubate sao paulo brasil
Tom Sadowski
Great Falls Balloon Festival 2010 in Lewiston and Auburn Maine, USA
Zmeika mountain in winter
Marcio Cabral
Iguazu falls
Ivan Sgualdini
Porto Flavia 360 Set3 Logo
Ivan Sgualdini
Cagliari Castello Via del Fossario
Ivan Sgualdini
Cagliari Castello Bastione Saint Remy
Ivan Sgualdini
Ivan Sgualdini
Elephant Tower
Ivan Sgualdini
Cagliari Castle Fossario street
Ivan Sgualdini
Torre Aragonese in Ghilarza
Ivan Sgualdini
Supramonte - trekking al Monte Corrasi (Oliena)
Ivan Sgualdini
Li Cossi panoramic trail
Ivan Sgualdini
Masua 360 Set1 Logo
Ivan Sgualdini
Lu Litarroni panoramic view of coast
Ivan Sgualdini
Cagliari Castello Torre Pancrazio
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Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea (after Sicily). The area of Sardinia is 24,090 square kilometres (9,301 sq mi). The island is surrounded (clockwise from north) by the French island of Corsica, the Italian Peninsula, Tunisia and the Balearic Islands. Sardinia is a constitutional part of Italy, with a special statute of regional autonomy under the Italian Constitution. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sardinia