FRD DCR 20 (Bauma 2010)
New Munich Trade Fair Centre

The DCR 20 has a drilling diameter of 89-165mm and a maximum drilling depth of 40m, with 8 pcs of drill tube (5m). The machine’s design secures economical long hole drilling under all conditions. It weighs 21 tonnes fully fitted with a Caterpillar C-13 / 328KW engine and large Airman high pressure compressor, discharging 24m³ air at 25 bar.

Copyright: T. Emrich
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 17416x8708
Taken: 25/04/2010
Uploaded: 02/05/2010
Updated: 04/03/2015


Tags: frd; dcr 20; foundation; crane; crawler; lift crane; mining; hcr 1000-edsii; hcr 1200-edii; hcr1500-edii; hydraulic; drill; hcr; dcr
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