Baumberger Sandstone Museum Havixbeck - Treatment of the sandstone and who this did

The museum presents beautiful sculptures and fine masonry. At the same time we try to explain, how these products have been made - and who did it. Fossils in Baumberger sandstone

tell us something about the origin of the stone. Heavy machines and tools from the Hesselmann''s quarry give us idea of the trouble, that the daily work with stone meant for quarrymen and stone masons.

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Copyright: Wilfried pinsdorf
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Wilfried Pinsdorf
Stone-sawing at the Sandstone Museum
Wilfried Pinsdorf
Baumberger-Sandstone-Museum, Garden, Havixbeck
Wilfried Pinsdorf
Sandsteinmuseum Museumsnight 2009
Wilfried Pinsdorf
Sculptor-Artelier - Baumberger-Sandstone-Museum
Wilfried Pinsdorf
Market inHavixbeck
Wilfried Pinsdorf
War Memorial
Wilfried Pinsdorf
Fark Naturalstone, wire saws, Havixbeck
Wilfried Pinsdorf
Bahnhof Havixbeck
Wilfried Pinsdorf
Vacancy-Farm Jeiler in Springtime, Havixbeck
Wilfried Pinsdorf
Artobjekt Busstop, Baumberge, Germany
Wilfried Pinsdorf
Auf der Aussichtsplattform des Longinusturms in den Baumbergen zw. Nottuln, Havixbeck und Billerbeck
Wilfried Pinsdorf
Longinustower - Stairs 02
Jürgen Diemer
Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain
Seungsang Yoo(유승상)
Badwater Death Valley California
Daniel Christaldi
Bushy Park Racetrack
Calvin K McDonald
Goblin Valley Floor, Emery County, Utah, USA
Stan Hillhouse
Celarain Lighthouse / South Point of Cozumel Mexico
Tomasz Makarewicz
Karijini Dales Gorge - Circular Pool
Gregory Panayotou
A Rainy Night at Ilot Maitre - New Caledonia
Jaime Brotons
Last sun beams at Cala Escanar, Ibiza
kiyoharu takamura
misty woods (japanese ceder)
Hay Me
Phenoix flower (Flame Flowe)
Christian Bersano
Maki Lodge Accueil Plage
Johan Offermans & Karl Overholt
Inside the Volcano
Wilfried Pinsdorf
Wilfried Pinsdorf
Museonder in the National Park De Hoge Veluwe
Wilfried Pinsdorf
La Cavalerie
Wilfried Pinsdorf
Windstärke 10 - Wrack- und Fischereimuseum
Wilfried Pinsdorf
Wilfried Pinsdorf
La Cavalerie
Wilfried Pinsdorf
Westfalian Horse-Museum Hippomaxx in the Allwetterzoo, Münster
Wilfried Pinsdorf
Externsteine in Horn- Bad Meinberg
Wilfried Pinsdorf
Gyrocopter Xenon 2 on the Airfield Luedinghausen Borkenberge
Wilfried Pinsdorf
Longinustower in the fall, Nottuln
Wilfried Pinsdorf
Flight School Petermann at the airport Borkenberge, Lüdinghausen
Wilfried Pinsdorf
Altenberge roundabout Midsummer 2006
More About Muensterland-Baumberge

The Münsterland is a region in northern North Rhine-Westphalia and in the northwestern with the city of Münster as a  Westphalia center. It can vary depending on the context, narrow, forming a rough framework of the Teutoburg Forest in the northeast, the lip in the south and the Dutch border in the west.As a historical region of the Münsterland is in the tradition of the Bishopric of Münster, temporal dominion of the former Bishop of Munster. In addition are summarized today as the region Münsterland circles Borken, Coesfeld, Steinfurt, Warendorf and the county-Munster, operate their cooperation and joint activities, often under the concept. Landscape is known as the northern part of the Westphalian Münsterland bay. The respective areas are largely, but not completely identical.The population's awareness of the region is strong and orients itself more to the historical boundaries. Combining work alongside the long common history, especially the predominant Catholic confession, and the Low German language in the form of Münsterländer Platt.Most rural structure, and specific cultural landscape features, such as the many park-like landscape and the numerous moats represent, represent additional regional peculiarities There is also a significant commitment to Munster, which forms in cultural, intellectual and economic terms has always been the dominant focus.