Beijing Jietai Temple Distant Tower

Jietai Temple located in Beijing Mentougou District's Ma'anshan, builds in Tang Wude five years (A.D. 622 years), the old name “gathers brightly the temple”. The Liaodai eminent monk law here constructed abstains the world, the square monks many were prohibited, therefore also named abstains the world temple, the temple internal cause has the national biggest Buddhist temple to abstain the world, but long standing reputation.east the temple sits faces, in the axle arranges the entrance palace, the clock drum two buildings, the Son of Heaven palace, the Sakyamuni valuable palace, thousand Buddha Chinese style pavilions in turn (ruins), the Goddess of Mercy palace and abstains the Taiwan palace. And abstains Taiwan is the central construction. The palace according to Shan Erzhu, layer upon layer rises high, is magnificent really. The northwest courtyard has the Chinese biggest abstention world, with the Quanzhou Kaiyuan Temple, Hangzhou illustrious celebrates the temple to abstain the world and to call China three vows taken by monks and nuns worlds. the Jietai Temple becomes famous especially by the pine tree, “the deep pool three-bristle cudrania by the spring victory, abstains Taiwan by pine, a tree has one condition, with the divine creative force struggle, moves loose, the comfortable pine, the Kowloon pine, to hug the tower pine and the Wolong pine skillfully”, gathers the name to abstain the Taiwan five pines. Whenever breeze Xu comes, pine Tao was intermittent, forms Jietai Temple unique “to abstain Taiwan pine Tao” the landscape. the temple architecture pattern is unique, east the main temple palace sits faces, the axle referred to distance 70 kilometer Beijing basically, the construction style is the Liaodai style straight. Turns from thousand Buddha Chinese style pavilion ruins toward the north, first saw two enters the central courtyard to one, in the courtyard quiet and tasteful quiet, since the Qing Dynasty, here has planted the clove, the peony to be well-known, especially the black peony and so on rare species, are improve on perfection, thus are called the peony courtyard. Clear gong Crown Prince Luan joyful once lived in seclusion in here for 10 years. Peony courtyard's architectural style other characteristic, it Beijing tradition's central courtyard form and the south of Yangzi River landscape art will fuse ingeniously. In the temple abstention world, its scale is forms in distant salty Yong Nianjian, the people said that it is “the first under heaven world”, is in the Chinese Buddhism history the highest rank is prohibited the institute, although experiences the vicissitudes, still preserved complete. the Jietai Temple is the nation key Cultural relic preservation organ, it was north part of our country preserves the Liaodai cultural relic to be most at present, the most complete temple. The most special it retained the pagoda, Liaodai Buddhism and so on the scripture pillar, abstention world the very rare valuable thing.

Copyright: Jacky Cheng
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 8456x4228
Taken: 17/10/2009
Uploaded: 17/11/2009
Updated: 18/06/2014


Tags: panoram; photography; picture; china; landeshow; hotel; beijing
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