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Bad Belzig, also known as Belzig, is a historic town in

Brandenburg, Germany located about 70 km (43 mi) southwest of

Berlin. It is the capital of the Potsdam-Mittelmark district.


Bad Belzig is located within the Fläming hill range and in the

centre of the High Fläming Nature Park. The plains north of the

town are home to one of the few Great Bustard populations in


Since 2003, when 14 surrounding villages were incorporated into

Bad Belzig, some of them voluntarily, others by Brandenburg

Landtag (state parliament) legislation, Bad Belzig has an area

of 234.83 km². These villages became districts (Ortsteile) of


    Groß Briesen



The forest of Verlorenwasser near Werbig encompassed the

geographical centre of East Germany.

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