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Bergamo: Angelo Mai Public Library - Biblioteca Civica

The Public Library Angelo Mai, is the oldest and most important library in Bergamo and was founded in 1768. Its heritage includes approx 700,000 volumes, over 1000 incunabula, 9000 manuscripts, 22,000 scrolls, etc.

The library is inside the Palazzo Nuovo, "New Palace" located in the fascinating Piazza Vecchia, "Old Square", the center of Città Alta - the oldest part of Bergamo. Despite its name the building is a work of the architect Vincenzo Scamozzi dating back to early 17th century; the façade has been completed in 20th century, according to the original project.

The 360 Photo presents the elegant entrance of the library, with an ancient globe, masterpiece of Vincenzo Coronelli, who was famous in the second half of 17th century for its atlases and globes.

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Copyright: Pietro madaschi
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Uploaded: 07/02/2013
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Tags: italia; italy; lombardia; lombardy; bergamo; citta alta; basilica; renaissance; mai; library; biblioteca; palazzo nuovo; piazza vecchia; old square; scamozzi; globe; globo; terracqueo; coronelli
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