Bergamo: Basilica of St Maria Maggiore and Temple of Santa Croce

In the 360 Photo it can be seen the original romanesque Tempietto di Santa Croce, "Small Temple of the Holy Cross", well preserved building dating back to 11th century. It is one of the most significant example in this type in Lombardy. In the back of the 360Photo is the external wall of right transept and the apse of Basilica of St Maria Maggiore. Built in a typical Lombard-Romanesque style, the Basilica shows externally simple walls but with some important parts like the two splendid porches (not visible in the 360 Photo) with colored lions and marbles by Giovanni da Campione. Founded in 1137 the Basilica is "embedded" among other old medieval buildings thus making impossible its overall view.

Copyright: Pietro Madaschi
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Taken: 19/07/2012
Uploaded: 28/08/2012
Updated: 10/04/2014


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Konrad Łaszczyński
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Italy, Bergamo Santa Maria Maggiore
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