Bergamo: Church of San Michele al Pozzo Bianco - Interior

The Church of San Michele al Pozzo Bianco (St Michael by the White Well) despite its small size is one of the most important monuments in Bergamo. Already quoted in a Lombard testament dated 774, it is located in Porta Dipinta Street in the Upper City, "Città Alta", famous also for its Venetians Walls. Rebuilt over the centuries, the current structure dates back to 14th century. The church contains an extraordinary set of frescoes of 12th to 16th centuries. Among them is a series (chapel on the left) of the famous painter Lorenzo Lotto (1577) and various masterworks of local Renaissance painters: G. B. Guarinoni d'Averara (in the central chapel), Salmeggia, G. P. Lolmo, etc.

Copyright: Pietro madaschi
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Tags: italy; italia; lombardia; lombardy; bergamo; citta alta; porta dipinta; church; chiesa; michele; michael; pozzo bianco; white well; romanic; medioevo; medieval; renaissance; fresco; lotto; guarinoni; salmeggia; middle ages; lolmo; lombard
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Pietro Madaschi
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