Birnau middle

The Baroque Style church Birnau located on Überlinger part of Lake Constance.

The Sanctuary was erichtet in 1750 by the architect Peter Thumb.
Today, the Cistercian Abbey of Wettingen-Mehrerau operating therein.
She is one of the tourist atractions on Lake Constance.

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Tags: church; birnau; baroque style; lake constance; peter thumb
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Ackermann, Michael
Basilika birnau
Peter Stein
Birnau entrance
Peter Stein
Birnau Orgel
Peter Stein
Birnau Chor
Ackermann, Michael
Wallfahrtskirche Birnau
Mathias Kuhn
Wallfahrtskirche Birnau
Francisco Miliani
Roman Village Constanze Lake
Francisco Miliani
Ulhdingen Roman Village at Constanza Lake
Francisco Miliani
Constanza Lake Boat Harvor
Peter Stein
On the Mantelhafen from Überlingen
Peter Stein
Mainau butterfly house
Peter Stein
On the waterfront promenade from Überlingen
Hobi Bahceleri KONYA
Joby Catto
Driftwood installation by Veiðilyesa, on the road to Djúpavík, Iceland
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Cathedrale Notre-Dame, Strasbourg, France
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Abbaye de La Lucerne - France
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Sculpture "Windhosen" from Julia Bornefeld, Husum
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Platamonas Beach Sunset Greece
Juergen Stellmacher
Semi Anechoic Chamber
Larry Huppert
Cadillac Mountain Sunset
David Rowley
Kakapo Peak
Martin Broomfield
View over Portofino, Genoa
Bane Obradović
Fosseland lake, Norway
Jan Dunlop
Wolleys Bay Panorama, Tutukaka Coast
Peter Stein
Beziers Pont Neuf
Peter Stein
Cholfirst - Antennenturm - West
Peter Stein
Cathedral from Konstance
Peter Stein
Reichenau St Maria und Markus
Peter Stein
Peter Stein
Kuessaburg Rondell
Peter Stein
Mainau Butterfly
Peter Stein
Caunes-Minervois - Abbatiale Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul
Peter Stein
Ice Factory Beziers
Peter Stein
Fight for Europe
Peter Stein
Hohentwiel - in the prince's castle - upper level
Peter Stein
St. Georg
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