Über dem Hohlohturm im Nordschwarzwald

Coming from the north the Black Forest rises gradually until it reaches almost 1,000m on the Hohloh, a vast hilltop with some unique moors (Hohlohmoor and Wildseemoor).

The tower was built in 1897 and increased in 1968 because the trees grew too high. These high trees where blown over by some storms in the 1990s, making the tower one of the most prominent lookouts in the northern Black Forest. On clear days one can see the Vosges mountains behind the Rhine Valley in the west, the Swabian Jura in the east and sometimes even the Alps in the south.

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Tags: outdoor; black forest; tower; hohloh; nature; autumn
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Paul Emck
20121229 Hohloh Tower
Paul Emck
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