Blue All Over
Too much blue-- in Flores, Guatemala.
Copyright: Joe Griffin
Type: Spherical
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Uploaded: 08/03/2014
Updated: 23/07/2014


Tags: flores; guatemala; blue; peten
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Joe Griffin
Near Sunset on the Embarcadero of Flores, Guatemala
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Petenchel Lagoon
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Tikal: the Plaza of the Seven Temples
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Tikal Temple IV, Guatemala
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Among the Seven Temples
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Tikal Temple IV
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Temple IV, Tikal
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The Jungle Canopy from the top of Temple V, Tikal
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View from Temple V
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Stairs to Templo V
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Restoration of Temple V in Tikal
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Great Falls Balloon Festival 2010 in Lewiston and Auburn Maine, USA
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Morning winter at Pietra Perduca
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Adit Again. . . A historic mine adit near the Gold Bug Mine, outside Placerville, California
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Memorial Auditorium
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Harvest Festival in Sloughouse, California
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Foggy Morning in Half Moon Bay
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Vineyard outside Dry Town, California
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Sunny Afternoon at Martis Creek Lake, California
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Manzanitas in the Tilden Park Botanic Garden
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Toquima Cave
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Overlooking the American River, just off the bike trail
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