Bonaria Death row
Burial in sarcophagi in walls along streets at the historic Bonaria Cemetery in Cagliari, Sardinia.
Copyright: Hans Zijlstra
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 13532x6766
Uploaded: 25/07/2012
Updated: 16/10/2014


Tags: bonaria; cemetery; cagliari; wall sarcophagi
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Hans Zijlstra
Cagliari Bonaria Cemetery
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Piazza Martiri d'Italia
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Stairs to Bastione di Saint Remy
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Bastione di Saint Remy - Cagliari
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View of Piazza Martiri d'Italia
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Cagliari Castello Bastione Saint Remy
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Passeggiata Coperta - Bastione Saint Remy
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Below Stairs Bastione di Saint Remy
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Bastione Saint Remy - Mostra Città Regie Sardegna
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Bastione di Saint Remy
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Cagliari, Sardinia
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Restaurant in former Montevecchio zinc lead mining village
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Bonaria Death row
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Transition Gulpen and Maastricht Formation in the Maastrichtian of the Marnebel Quarry
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