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Dmitriy Andreev
DiL Photos
Gare Liége Guillemins Station ( By Night )
Marcus Marstaller
Main Station Liège-Guillemins
Marcus Marstaller
Main Sation Liège
Marcus Marstaller
Main Station Liege
luis davilla
liege calatrava train station
Tobias Hahn
Gare de Guillemins
Marcus Marstaller
Willy Kaemena
Liege Guillemins Train Station
dieter kik
Sunset, Quai Sur Meuse, Liège, Belgium 7157
sochau stephane
Forbidden place
Tom Baetsen
Tilff - king Albert's square
Arroz Marisco
Panorama of Valle del frances - the Jewl in the Crown
La Nube 360
Aerial panorama of Santiago-Chile
Marcio Cabral
Alto Paraíso at Magic Hour
Shallow coastal reef diving in Manado
Valentin Arfire
Peter's Bicycle Workshop
Juan Jose Perez
Pozo de la Iniciación
Glen Claydon
Niseko Hirafu - Fujiwara
Stephan Messner
Castle Rottwerndorf
Rommel Bundalian
360° View of Amphitheater Terraces of Batad - Banaue, Ifugao
Joseph Svejnoha
The bird's view
Marek Koszorek
Porto Valitsa Deep Blue
Thomas Schwarz
Leroy piscine
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Brice tilkin 00691912 f9d37728e0ac13f99ff8 jpg
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More About Belgium

Belgium is a country in northwest Europe. Founding member of the European Union, it covers an area of 30,528 square kilometres and has a population of about 10.7 million. From the end of the Middle Ages until the 17th century, it was a prosperous centre of commerce and culture. Upon its independence, Belgium eagerly participated in the Industrial Revolution and, at the end of the nineteenth century, possessed several colonies in Africa. Today, Belgium's strongly globalized economy and its transportation infrastructure are integrated with the rest of Europe. Its location at the heart of a highly industrialized region helps made it 2007 the world's 15th largest trading nation. Cultural life is nowadays concentrated within each language community and a variety of barriers have made a shared cultural sphere less pronounced. Anyway, the region corresponding to today's Belgium has seen the flourishing of major artistic movements that have had tremendous influence on European art and culture. Text extracted from wikipedia.