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Brighton Wheel from the Pier 1
The Brighton Wheel was installed and opened in October 2011. It reaches a height of 50m overlooking the city, piers and beaches. On a clear day the Isle of Wight is also visible far to the West.
Copyright: Geoff Mather
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 8336x4168
Uploaded: 15/10/2012
Updated: 04/07/2014


Tags: g8dhe; pier; water; beach; wheel; eye; brighton
  • Edna Mather almost 2 years ago
    What a lovely day!
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    More About Brighton-Hove

    The city was created in 2000 from the two original towns of Brighton and Hove. The city is famous for its Royal Pavilion and Piers, however its Marina and eclectic beach activities have also risen to prominence. The cities' night life includes many restaurants, bars, clubs and of course it is well known for its large Gay community.