Bronze statue of Russian Czar Peter the Great on horseback in Riga, Latvia.
The monument was erected in July 4, 1910 in honor of the bicentennial of the entry to Riga army of Peter the Great. Was evacuated from Riga in 1915, during the war, the ship sank. In 1934, the monument was raised from the seabed by estonian divers, Riga City Council bought it. After the restoration of Latvia's independence monument restored to their funds entrepreneur E. Gomberg and now statue is located on private property in Riga.
Copyright: Aleksandr Galiullin
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 7118x3559
Taken: 19/05/2013
Uploaded: 19/05/2013
Updated: 13/06/2013


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Originated from a small fishermen village, for centuries Riga has been an important part of the trade chain between Russia and Western Europe. A lively crossroad of cultures and backgrounds for over 800 years, the historical centre of Riga has accumulated an impressive cultural baggage and today is justly included in the UNESCO’s World Heritage list.