Bryce Canyon - Navajo Loop Trail 02

This panorama is a good piece into the Navajo Loop Trail in the Bryce Canyon National Park right before the serpentine like decend into the canyon. The round trail starts (and ends) at Sunset Point and is approx. 1.2 mil (2 km) long and takes about 1-2 hours. It can be combined with the Queens Garden Trail which then ends at Sunrise Point. This extends the length to approx. 2.4 mil  (3,8 km) and about 3 hours. The trails in Bryce Canyon are always steep and good trecking shoues are highly recommended and don´t forget to carry enough water with you. Be aware that the weather can change fast here, we started in bright sunny sky and ended up in fairly heavy rain at the bottom of the canyon.

Copyright: Carsten arenz
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 17498x8749
Uploaded: 14/04/2014
Updated: 07/05/2014


Tags: canyon; national park; recreation; trail
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Tom Baetsen
Bryce Canyon Navajo loop trail 2
Tom Baetsen
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Tom Baetsen
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Tom Baetsen
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Tom Baetsen
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Carsten Arenz
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Tom Baetsen
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Bill Mumford
Bryce Canyon by moonlight
Tom Baetsen
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Uwe Buecher
Bryce Canyon - Sunset Point
Tom Baetsen
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Udo Lenkewicz
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