Buffalo Point, Antelope Island State Park, Utah, USA

On a hazy winter day, the horizon is soft. The Great Salt Lake blends with the sky and the cities along the Wasatch Front are hidden by the winter inversion.

The view begins with Bridger Bay, looking north.  You can make out the campground road and sites in the snow.  To the right, the snow-capped Wasatch Mountains rise above the cities and towns.

To the left, Fremont Island is in the foreground looking connected to the Promontory Peninsula behind it.  Most of the northern and western ranges around the lake are blocked by haze until you swing left to Stansbury Island and the Stansbury Range to the south.

Continuing left you eventually view the middle portion of Antelope Island, south of your position.  Frary Peak just peeks above the hill in front of you.

More pictures from around the island:

Antelope Island State Park, Utah
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Antelope Island State Park
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Elephant Head, Antelope Island State Park, Utah, USA
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Frary Peak, Antelope Island State Park, Utah, USA
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Stansbury Island, Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA
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Northshore Summit, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada, USA
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Glacier d Argentiere, Haute-Savoie, France
More About Utah

Utah is a state located in the westcentral region of the United States of America.  Utah is the 13th largest state by area, ranks 34th by population and 10th by population density of the 50 United States.  Utah was the 45th state to be admitted into the Union, on January 4, 1896. Utah is landlocked, being bordered by the states of Idaho to the north, Wyoming to the northeast, Nevada on the west, Colorado on the east and Arizona to the south.  Utah is very mountainous and is a popular outing destination of the outdoorsman.  The state population is about 2.82M with 95% being Caucasian, 2.4% Asian, 1.7% Native American and 1.3% Black. The state capital and largest city is Salt Lake City.Source: wikipedia