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Burano, Fondamenta della Giudecca

Burano is an island located in the lagune of Venice, 7 km from Venice. The island is famous for its very picturesque, colorful small houses, the laces of Burano and the leaning church tower.

The panorama shows an example of colorful houses by the water canal. Note the colorful reflections of the houses in the water and the leaning tower in the background.

Copyright: Zoran trost
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 10774x5387
Uploaded: 07/02/2013
Updated: 10/04/2014


Tags: burano; fondamenta; giudecca; venice; venezia; island; reflection; reflections; laces; picturesque; colorful; canal; leaning
  • Florian Knorn over 1 year ago
    Fantastic HDR processing / exposure fusion!
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