camping site "Snowy" - Ergaki

Турбаза Снежная у трассы Абакан - Кызыл в Ергаках (Западные Саяны). Летом функционирует как турбаза. Зимой - это горнолыжная база. Есть подъёмник и подготовленная трасса.

Copyright: Andrew Borus
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Taken: 11/08/2012
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Tags: ергаки; горнолыжка; Снежная; ski; snowy; camping site; ergaki
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Andrew Borus
Ski slope Snowy - Ergaki
andrey air_man
Ergaki baza Snezhnaya
andrey air_man
Ergaki 2014
batcoh batcoh
Img 2217 Panorama
batcoh batcoh
Ski Ergaki, the top
batcoh batcoh
Ergaki on the ski slopes
batcoh batcoh
Ergaki, ski resort
Timofey Osipov
Img 1496 588 I2 Logo
Timofey Osipov
Img 1602 709 D2i Logo
Xo6c JDM
Панорама Ергак с Висячего камня
Alexey Bazlaev
Visyachiy Kamen (03)
Slava Kurtiyakoff
Hanging stone, Natural Park Ergaki
Adam Czapla
Tokarnia - Skansen - Wiatrak z Pacanowa
dieter kik
Fachwerkhaus Altkölnischer Hof Bacharach am Rhein 0169
jacky cheng
Yellow Longxi old town-13
Alexander Jensko
Lübeck - An der Untertrave
dieter kik
Laubwald mit Schnee Uebersberg Kreis Reutlingen 0617
Stephan Schaefholz
Corsica - Lac de Capitello
Dave Walker
Tintern Abbey
Sven Fennema
the silent listeners
Valentin Arfire
in the Timis River - Banat - Romania
jacky cheng
Yellow Longxi old town-14
Peter Pajor
Ta Keo Angkor Cambodia
Thang Bui
Mausoleum of King Khai Dinh-Salutation court
Andrew Borus
Gladenkaja - Snow
Andrew Borus
Togys-As - Arch
Andrew Borus
Ergaki - Colored Lakes
Andrew Borus
Enisey river
Andrew Borus
Ergaki - Parabola
Andrew Borus
Taiga in Siberia
Andrew Borus
Khakassia steppe
Andrew Borus
Plies - view to town's square
Andrew Borus
Tunki - from Dinozavr
Andrew Borus
kuturchin's rocks - table
Андрей Борус
Ergaki - Sayan's hair pass
Andrew Borus
Krasnojarskie Stolby - Dance Floor
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