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Canal Tengo y embarcaciones en Puerto Montt

Tenglo Canal (Mapudungun: Tung-lu) "peaceful", "quiet and peaceful", also "the terroncito", is an inlet located between the city of Puerto Montt and Tenglo Island, Lakeland , Chile.

This channel washes the shores of Puerto Montt, from the lace up Chinquihue Tenglo, through Angelmó, Caleta Anahuac, and culminating in Huelmo sector. It's a good depth, and which accommodates large boats in the harbor.

A Angelmó, motorboats reach the islands Huar and Maillen, using via this channel.

It is not very wide, very blue water, and houses fish and gulls, pelicans and lately guaudas.

No one knows for sure why it took the name of the island and not the city, or Angelmó, which is the most representative of the place.

Copyright: Luis A. Romero Pavez (Wro Ke N)
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 13000x6500
Uploaded: 26/03/2012
Updated: 15/10/2014


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  • Cristofer Molina over 1 year ago
    hola, buena photo, es Tenglo no Tengo :)
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