Canyon Station (Overland Canyon) pony express station, Utah

This Pony Express station is the third one in this area due to the other two stations being burned by the indians.  The original station is located up the canyon about three miles to the west.

"Locally called Round Station (N40 02 40.5 W113 48 15.0), this recent connotation originates because prior to archaeological investigations in 1974, the only discernible feature was a round, relatively complete, fortified rock structure, which included gunports. This had been interpreted as the station house. Excavations revealed the actual station house foundation (as well as the corral area) to be east of the round fortification. The Gale Parker’s recall their grandfather having spoke of a roof being on the fortification."

see the following link for detailed information about this and other Pony express stations in Utah  : http://www.expeditionutah.com/featured-trails/pony-express-trail/utah-pony-express-stations/

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