Cape doob

Cape Doob is in th-Eastern part of the Tsemesskaya Bay. From this point overlooks the whole Bay. In the North-Western part of the city of Novorossiysk, which is well seen from here.

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Uploaded: 26/04/2012
Updated: 23/07/2014


Tags: nature; sea; beach
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Alexander Adashkevich
Panorama of the Black Sea from Cape Doob. August 2014.
Alexander Adashkevich
Anchorage of ships at Cape Doob. June 2013.
Alexander Adashkevich
Sunset from the pier. Kabardinka, september 2014.
Alexander Adashkevich
"Old park" in Kabardinka. Near islamic temple. August 2012.
Alexander Adashkevich
"Old park" in Kabardinka. Pond with medieval architecture. August 2012.
Alexander Adashkevich
"Old park" in Kabardinka. Near aqueduct. Август 2012.
Alexander Adashkevich
"Old park" in Kabardinka. Near orthodox chapel. August 2012.
Alexander Adashkevich
Stormy Black sea, Tsemess bay, Kabardinka. August 2012.
Alexander Adashkevich
Footbridge over the River Doob. Kabardinka, september 2014.
Alexander Adashkevich
The night sky of the Tsemesskaya bay. August 2014.
Alexander Adashkevich
The center of the Kabardinka's quay. September 2014.
Alexander Adashkevich
Kabardinka's quay. Near fountain. August 2012.
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