Capo Testa - Valle Della Luna

Capo Testa is a very picturesque small peninsula a few miles from Santa Teresa di Gallura. Its huge granite boulders and the particular geological give it a wild and majestic atmosphere. Particularly famous is the Valley of the Moon, gathering of hippies from the '60s which, using the caves and natural shelters, camp out in this magical place and lonely.

Copyright: Ivan Sgualdini
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Tags: sardegna; rocks
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Marco Maier
Capo Testa, Sardinia
Marco Maier
Valle di Luna, Capo Testa, Sardinia
Claudio Muzzetto
Capo Testa, Valle della Luna
Marco Maier
Capo Testa, Sardinia, Italy
Claudio Muzzetto
Capo Testa, Cala di Mezu
Dieter Hofer
Granite Formations at Capo Testa
Ivan Sgualdini
Capo Testa
Dieter Hofer
Capo Testa on Sardegna
Dieter Hofer
Granite Formation at Capo Testa, Sardinia
Jacques Rochet
Claudio Muzzetto
Vedetta sulle Bocche di Bonifacio
Claudio Muzzetto
Santa Teresa Gallura, Scala di Li Cabaddhi
Charilaos Kalogirou
Old bridge at Boidomatis River
Supasit Srisawathsak
Kaset Intersection Bangkok Flood 2011
Bernd Kronmueller
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Frank Ellmerich
Fishing Village
Antoine DUPRÉ
Le Hêtre Pleureur (1860) - Jardin botanique de Bayeux - HDR
Brian Conroy
Zion National Park, November 2009
Magnus Andersen
Volkonskogo Gora, Peak, Antarctica
Kenneth Brandon
Wes in the Wood Shop
Thang Bui
Halong Bay 3
Tomáš Klíma
Colorful autumn
Stefan Geens
Linotype machine, Naples, Italy
Werner Joemann
Hochsitz Im herbstlichen Wald Linnert, Haltern am See
Ivan Sgualdini
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Ivan Sgualdini
Path to Sarchittu (Oristano)
Ivan Sgualdini
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Cagliari Castle Fossario street
Ivan Sgualdini
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Ivan Sgualdini
Canyon Gorroppu
Ivan Sgualdini
Giardini Pubblici di Cagliari
Ivan Sgualdini
Lu Litarroni panoramic view of coast
Ivan Sgualdini
Capo Testa
Ivan Sgualdini
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Ivan Sgualdini
Castelsardo Scoglio di Pedraladda
Ivan Sgualdini
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