Antigua Guatemala

 This is a little church and a plaza in Antigua Guatemala City, Suchitepequez. Guatemala is in Central America. Photo by Marvin del Cid Alvarez

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Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll
Holy Week Festivities on the Streets of Antigua, Guatemala
Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll
Waiting for a Procession during Holy Week in Angitua, Guatemala
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antigua. guatemala
Marvin del Cid
Antigua Guatemala old Cathedral Crematory
Marvin del Cid
Antigua Guatemala old Cathedral
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antigua. don rodrigo posada. guatemala
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Passion Parade Floats in Antigua
Fernando Delgado R.
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Arroz Marisco
Sunrise over the Facade of Iglesia la Compania de Jesus
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Marvin del Cid
Antigua Guatemala
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Hatillo Cave
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Recently Central America covers 7 countries between North and South America.  Guatemala,Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panamá.