Carloforte, Piazza Repubblica

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Carloforte is a fishing and resort town of located Isola di San Pietro (Saint Peter's Island), approximately 7 km off the South Western Coast of Sardinia.

Carloforte was founded in the 18th century by some 30 families of coral fishers, originally from Pegli, near Genova, Liguria. They had left their home town and had settled in the island of Tabarka, off the coast of Tunisia, to fish for coral. After a century or so, the coral in that area was exhausted and so the families set off back to Italy and found there was plenty of coral in the sea off the west coast of Sardinia. They asked the King of Sardinia Charles Emmanuel III for permission to settle on San Pietro Island. When he granted them permission, the name Carloforte (Charles' Fort) was given to the town they established there, in honour of the king. To this day Carloforte maintains strong cultural ties with the town of Pegli. The population still speaks a variant of Genoese dialect called Tabarchino.

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