The cascade gairaut is a large artificial waterfall built in the nineteenth century the town of nice.

The waterfall at the beginning of the twentieth century is located on the same hill and commemorate the arrival terminal of waters of the channel Vésubie in 1883.

The waterfall flows into different pools fall overcome a chalet alpine wood. The entire site is landscaped with fake caves stalactites and accessories rocaille cement imitating armed branches of wood. In the early twentieth century, the waterfall is a must excursion tours of Nice. And tour guides as well as the local press of the time never fail to recommend this site to the typical scenery and breathtaking panorama from their readers.

Today, she continues to oxygenate the water and Vésubie be a place for walking to many visitors.

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  • david.woolnough@hotmail.com over 1 year ago
    We visit the cascade every time we are in Nice and think it is one of the most spectacular sights, it is only a pity that the "Tea House" is falling into disrepair. It is strange that it seems to be so little known and visited.
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