Basilica & Cathedral Nossa Senhora das Neves

   A church dedicated to Our Lady of the Snows was built at an elevation by the early settlers of Paraíba in 1586. It was a simple building, rammed earth, which was rebuilt in the early seventeenth century. In 1639, a Dutch columnist, Elias Herckmans, refers to her as yet unfinished in its description of the Captaincy General of Paraíba. The works and reforms followed throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, always in the midst of economic difficulties.

   In 1881 the church began to be rebuilt for the last time, winning the manner in which currently has an eclectic style, thanks to the impetus of Father Francisco de Paula Melo Cavalcante. The consecration took place on August 1, 1894 now holding the title of Cathedral, once the Diocese of Paraíba had been created months before, on March 04, established the Church of Our Lady of the Snows.

(Translated from http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catedral_Bas%C3%ADlica_de_Nossa_Senhora_das_Neves)

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