Cathedral of light

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Jyväskylä’s long-term and fruitful efforts as a developer of urban lighting have been acknowledged around the world. Autumn 2012 will bring lighting professionals from 30-40 countries to Jyväskylä to explore the city’s outdoor lighting strategy, which has won international awards.

Every autumn Jyväskylä hosts City of Light, Finland’s only event dedicated to urban lighting. The event provides both residents and visitors with a chance to learn about, experience and enjoy the city’s lighting, including a number of special lighting installations. See the program here.

The City of Light 2012 event will be accompanied by the Lighting Urban Community International (LUCI) seminar ”City under Microscope”. At the event lighting experts from different parts of the world will develop an acquaintance with lighting in Jyväskylä through various seminars, workshops and on-the-spot visits. Simultaneously Jyväskylä will host a ”Lighting in Green Areas” seminar, which is expected to attract approximately 100 landscape designers and builders.

To register or for more information on the LUCI network's City under Microscope event, please visit LUCI website.

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