Cayo Cangrejo en Providencia, Colombia

Cayo Cangrejo en Providencia, Colombia — © 2013 por Decameron (www.decameron.com), fotografía esférica 360, por Mario Carvajal (www.mariocarvajal.com) / Fotógrafo Asistente: Julián Santacruz (www.juliansantacruz.com)

Copyright: Astrolabio Colombia
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 10740x5370
Taken: 05/10/2013
Uploaded: 25/11/2013
Updated: 30/06/2014


Tags: beach; caribbean; caribe; cayo cangrejo; crab cay; decameron; equirectangular; fotografia 360; fotografia esferica; mario carvajal; old providence; panoramica; playa; providência; san andres islas; san andres y providencia; sea
  • Jose Arimateia over 1 year ago
  • Daniel Christaldi over 1 year ago
    Very nice! Also, thank you for the level horizon. Really ruins these shots for me when the horizon is all wavy and crooked. Nice job. Where your standing... I'm guessing there was a flag pole or something?
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