Cayo Muerto, Chichiriviche, Edo. Falcon, Venezuela

Cayo Muerto, frente a las costas de Chichiriviche en el parque nacional "Morrocoy", Venezuela

Copyright: Gerardo Antonio Sánchez Torres
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Uploaded: 09/10/2009
Updated: 08/10/2014


Tags: venezuela; falcón; beach; park; island
  • Henry de Jesus Gaviria Marin almost 2 years ago
    Hola,no se daña el tripode metiendolo en agua salada?
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    Gerardo Antonio Sánchez Torres
    Tunel de manglares en Cayo Muerto, Edo. Falcón, Venezuela
    Gerardo Antonio Sánchez Torres
    Cayo Muerto, Chichiriviche, Edo. Falcón Venezuela
    Gerardo Antonio Sánchez Torres
    Amanecer en Chichiriviche
    Bled Runner
    Indian Cave, Morrocoy Parc, Chichiriviche, Venezuela
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    Gerardo Antonio Sánchez Torres
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    Gerardo Antonio Sánchez Torres
    Yankee Stadium
    Gerardo Antonio Sánchez Torres
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    "Glorias Patrias" Park - Campo Elias
    Gerardo Antonio Sánchez Torres
    Biblioteca Bolivariana
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    Cable car main station (Barinitas Station)
    Gerardo Antonio Sánchez Torres
    Soccer Metropolitan Stadium
    Gerardo Antonio Sánchez Torres
    Chaplin Park
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