Cinder Butte summit (east rim)

Cinder Butte (elev. 6180') is a cinder cone just outside Lava Beds National Monument near Tulelake, California.  It formed the Callahan Lava Flow, which is dated at around 1110 years of age.  The summit crater is virtually empty of plant life due to its windy harsh environment, a scene like walking on the Martian surface.  There are two different colors to the cinder, the black being material ejected from the crater during eruption & the red being ejected, but falling back into the crater, thus being vomited back into the atmosphere.  Views of Mt. Shasta, Mt. McLoughlin, Goosenest, Mt. Dome, Klamath Basin, Lava Beds, Gillem Bluff, & the Medicine Lake Caldera from the top.  One can even see the snowy Glass Mountain obsidian flow, faint views of Crater Lake rim as well as distant eastern views of the Warner Mountains.

From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lava_Beds_National_Monument

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Cinder Butte summit (south rim)
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