Cesky Krumlov "cliffhanger panorama" - 3
Cesky Krumlov
Cesky Krumlov is just a wonderful place. I have never tired of visiting this place. I have probably been there at least ten times, from my early twenties as a bachelor with friends, on a beer-heavy weekend in winter in a hostel, to a day trip with my kids and my mother in the summertime. There is always something nice to do.
Copyright: Jeffrey Martin
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 7000x3500
Uploaded: 07/07/2010
Updated: 05/06/2014


Tags: unesco; exterior; castle; medieval; handheld; panomonkey
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More About Cesky Krumlov

Unrivalled even among UNESCO world heritage sites. This 700 year-old village is still full of alchemy. With a river looping around twice, you can't help but walk around in circles all day in amazement.