Chautauqua Gorge/Gulf, Devil's Pool

The Chautauqua Gorge, or Gulf, runs from just west of Mayville, New York, to Lake Erie. Devil’s Pool is a favorite swimming hole--but only for those who don’t mind cold water.

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Tags: chautauqua; streams; chautauqua gulf; chautauqua gorge
  • Troy C Arthur about 1 year ago
    These are in my original stomping grounds near to my hometown of Jamestown, N.Y. my friends and I starting in my teen years did alot of partying and camping in these woods. There is definitely something of a ghostly presence in these woods but I found it to be harmless. I can,t honestly say I saw anything there, however I could just feel that there was something with us. I especially enjoyed my time alone at night in these woods. It's a shame however that people cant respect the land and clean up after themselves that they actually had to place the rules in that area as they have.
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