Exhibition of Military Equipment at the Victory Park, Chelyabinsk
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Chelyabinsk. The Victory Garden. Exhibition of Military Equipment
Aleksey Shimeshov
Old auto in Victory Park, Chelyabinsk
Aleksey Shimeshov
Вид с танка в Парке Победы, Челябинск
Aleksey Shimeshov
Antiaircraft gun at Victory Park in Chelyabinsk
Aleksey Shimeshov
Angel of peace at Victory Park, Chelyabinsk
Chelyabinsk. The Victory Garden. Monument of Glory.
Aleksey Shimeshov
monument to the fallen heroes at Victory Park, Chelyabinsk
Aleksey Shimeshov
Monument to the fallen heroes at Victory Park, Chelyabinsk
Aleksey Shimeshov
Maternity Hospital at Chelyabinsk
Komsomolskaya square chelyabinsk
Dmitry Valiev
Square near SUSU
Сергей Мордвинцев
Aloe Pole
Willy Kaemena
Capela de São Filipe - Pousada de Setubal
Thomas Schwarz
Wiesbaden Lutherkirche Portal
Calvin Jones
Tree of Utah 2
Lars Gabrysch
Domstiftsgut Moetzow-Potsdam-Mittelmark-Brandenburg-Germany-Europe
Ola Heloe
Pascal Moulin
Autel du bas-côté du chœur dans l'église d'Isle-Saint-Georges - France
Igor Adamec
Trakošćan Castle - 14
Jan Koehn
Ferris wheel - Gondola 1
Mark Fink
Quarrymans Museum Opus 40 Saugerties Ny
Jens Remus
Double Arch
Rami Saarikorpi
Rafał Szmigiero
Dlugi Targ in Gdansk, Poland
Алексей Шимешов
Челябинск, областной краеведческий музей, зал истории и народного быта
Aleksey Shimeshov
Cheboksary, Efremov bolvar
Aleksey Shimeshov
Chelyabinsk, regional local history museum, hall of nature and ancient history
Aleksey Shimeshov
Park in Chelyabnisk
Aleksey Shimeshov
Chelyabinsk, regional local history museum, hall of XX century history
Aleksey Shimeshov
Border between Europa and Asia
Алексей Шимешов
Chelyabink, Gagarin park
Aleksey Shimeshov
Chelyabinsk, On the shore of Lake Big Kremenkul
Aleksey Shimeshov
Chelyabinsk Founders Memorial
Aleksey Shimeshov
Lenin in front of the CС at the ChMZ
Aleksey Shimeshov
Chelyabink, shore of Miasss
Aleksey Shimeshov
Cheboksary Symbols of Wisodm
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