The goral palace - fights the grandmother on mother's side palace

“fights the grandmother on mother's side palace " to construct at the Ming Dynasty, is Lou Deshi constructs. In the palace consecrates fights the grandmother on mother's side, is a big goddess which Taoism believes. Said that in the book said her famous visual purple madame, the paragenesis nine sons (i.e. nine emperors), respectively were: Jade Emperor, purple micro, the corrupt wolf, the great gate, the wealth save, Wen Qu inexpensively, loyal, Wu Qu, the broken armed forces. Fights the grandmother on mother's side volume to have three items, the shoulder has four, about each four arms, are three item of four eight arm's goddesses, idol kind Rong Zhaoren, "the Remote antiquity Daoism Date Reads aloud Evening prayers Immortal after" the cloud “manifests a spirit the trace in this mortal world, Wei Sheng harnesses Yu Yan to float, all living things have difficultly, if calls the name, the big gentleman seeks the sound to rescue painstakingly”. Therefore, fights the grandmother on mother's side is also a palm world lives the capital crime luck the deity.

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Sichuan Province, the "River"or "Shu", the provincial capital of Chengdu, located in southwest China, the Yangtze River, in longitude 97 ° 21 '~ 108 ° 31', latitude 26 ° 03 '~ 34 ° 19' between. To benefits, benefit, Azusa, Kui four named, the province of the total area of 48.5 square kilometers. Brief plateau phase the west, east of the Three Gorges Xianfeng overlap, north of Qinling Bashan barriers surround the south Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, the formation of a famous Sichuan Basin. Sichuan Province, vast land and has a long history since ancient times to enjoy the "Land of Abundance"reputation.