China's Chongqing Municipality Lun Hau Temple porcelain

Bao Lun Buddhist Temple

The Jian Wen Emperor of China’s Ming Dynasty spent the rest of his life living at this temple after he was ousted from Berjing and went into exile.The four large Chinese characters Da Xing Bao Dian hanging at this temple was written by Zhao Puchu,a famous Chinese calligrapher who served as the president of China’s Buddhist Society.The main building at this temple was built 600 years ago during the Ming Dynasty and is characterized by its resplendence.The whole building was constructed without using a single nail and is regarded as a miracle in China’s architectural history.Buddhist believers flock to this temple to pray and undertake other Buddhist activities year in year out.This is in particular the case during China’s Spring Festival Holidays.

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More About Chongqing

Meaning "double celebrations" in Chinese, Chongqing was built in the 11th century BC during the Zhou Dynasty. Now Chongqing is the biggest city in China in terms of area and population. Also known as "Fog City" in addition to "the Furnace," Chongqing is covered with a thick layer of fog for an average of 68 days a year, usually in spring or autumn. The fog gives the place an air of mystery.