China classical craft Expo City (007) 古典工艺博览城
Fujian Province



Copyright: Dxinwei
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 8198x4099
Taken: 10/12/2013
Uploaded: 02/02/2014
Updated: 13/11/2014


Tags: exposition; classic; technology; redwood; xianyou; fujian; china
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More About Fujian Province

Fujian Province, referred to as "Min ", the provincial capital Fuzhou, southeast China's coastal provinces. Located in the north latitude 23 ° 33 'to 28 ° 20 ', longitude 115 ° 50 'to 120 ° 40 ' between adjacent Zhejiang Province, northeast, west, northwest and bordering Jiangxi Province, Southwest China and Guangdong Province is connected, and east of Taiwan Strait, and across the island. Most things for the 480 km wide, up to about 530 km north-south, the land area of 124,000 square kilometers. Administrative divisions Fujian Province, the Matsu Islands (Matsu), Kinmen Islands (Kinmen County) and Wuchiu Island (an Putian County, Kinmen County hosting), the actual effective control by the Taiwan authorities.