Chinowa-kuguri (passing through a hoop made of kaya grass)  1

Chinowa-kuguri, which the source of disease and defilement is believed to be eliminated by passing through a circle made of reeds,

is almost the common rite of Nagoshi-no-harae (annual rite of purification/harae) and held at Shinto shrines all over Japan.

Nagoshi-no-harae is held on the last day of the sixth month according to the lunar calendar,
though lots of shrines hold it not on the right day today.
And it also takes different forms in various locals.
(ex. Atsuta Shrine hold Nagoshi-no-harae on June 30th and hold different way of purification insted of ordinal Chinowa-kuguri

Chinowa kuguri  http://kikuko-nagoya.com/html/chinowa-kuguri.html

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