Chittering Valley Lookout

Although not very far from so famous from it's wineries Swan Valley, Chittering Valley is a hidden jewel which will quickly make you fall in love with. It's beautiful hills and tranquility will make you come back to this area again.

Copyright: Tomasz makarewicz
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 12276x6138
Uploaded: 30/11/2011
Updated: 11/08/2014
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  • John Cousins 8 months ago
    Hi there Tomasz. I fly first person view model aircraft (which is flying radio conrol aircraft through goggles via a live camera in the nose of the aircraft) I stumbled across your picture in Google Earth whilst looking for an interesting flying site. This looks like a beautiful place to go flying with a large landing area. Do you know if this was on private property or public land as i'd like to give it a try? Love your photo taken above Bells Rapids. Stunning!
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    Tomasz Makarewicz
    Chittering Valley Orange Trees
    Tomasz Makarewicz
    Waterfall over Bells Rapids
    Tomasz Makarewicz
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    Tomasz Makarewicz
    Swan River - Upper Swan
    Tomasz Makarewicz
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    Bucknell Place
    Tomasz Makarewicz
    Mountain Quarry - side view
    Tomasz Makarewicz
    The wall (Mountain Quarry)
    Ramon Fadli
    Mountain Quarry
    Ramon Fadli
    Mountain Quarry
    Small Wooden Bridge In Manzushir
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    Заброшенный Двор. Центр Гродно
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    Mark Weber
    Horseshoe Bend, Colorado River, Arizona near Page
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    Brooksville Florida, Abandoned Grain Depot
    Tomasz Makarewicz
    Toolbrunup Peak Stirling Range
    Tomasz Makarewicz
    Karijini Hamersley Gorge Waterfall
    Tomasz Makarewicz
    Margaret River Willyabrup Cliffs
    Tomasz Makarewicz
    Hyde Park
    Tomasz Makarewicz
    Karijini Red Gorge Canyoneers
    Tomasz Makarewicz
    Peak Charles - Sunset
    Tomasz Makarewicz
    West Cape Howe Cliffs
    Tomasz Makarewicz
    Mt Cook Grand Plateau, New Zealand
    Tomasz Makarewicz
    Nature's Window - Kalbarri
    Tomasz Makarewicz
    Mt Cook Plateau Hut
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