Chongqing chinaware mouth clock courtyard - main guest room

Chongqing chinaware mouth clock courtyard: the clock courtyard's master Venerable Zhong who Yunting is locally born for Ciqikou. Handed down him to be intelligent since childhood enchantingly, polite arts all fine. Thus relatives and friends recommends after the receives Empress Dowager Cixi's interview and ends in Empress Dowager Cixi's outside to manage, comes in and goes out the imperial palace front door frequently, manages money for Cixi the jewelry and the mountain treasure furs, receives very much entrusts with heavy responsibility. Afterward, Zhong Yunting was allowed to resign on account of age and return to one's home place, then asked the human in Beijing to design the house blueprint, returned to native place the Ciqikou to construct the house, this is present's clock courtyard. This courtyard courtyard is spacious, spool thread symmetrical rigorous, north has the central courtyard flavor. But the its building material uses in south the small grey tile and the building structure puts on teases the wooden frame and has the common people residence characteristic extremely.

Copyright: Jacky Cheng
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 5390x2695
Taken: 29/11/2005
Uploaded: 10/04/2009
Updated: 15/05/2014


Tags: chongqing; porcelain mouth; zhong; hospital
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More About Chongqing

Meaning "double celebrations" in Chinese, Chongqing was built in the 11th century BC during the Zhou Dynasty. Now Chongqing is the biggest city in China in terms of area and population. Also known as "Fog City" in addition to "the Furnace," Chongqing is covered with a thick layer of fog for an average of 68 days a year, usually in spring or autumn. The fog gives the place an air of mystery.