Church Spasa on the City

Church of the Origin Fair Drev Kresta Gospodnja that on the City the Known name - Church Spasa on the City. It is constructed in 1673. The stone church in the spirit of the Yaroslavl architecture of XVII century, is constructed on means of a merchant of I.Kislov.

Warm southern Nikolsky (nowadays Serafima Sarovsky) a side-altar is capitally reconstructed in style of classicism in 1831 then the porch is built. It is closed in 1929-1930, and  served as a warehouse. It is opened in 2003, services are spent mainly in a southern side-altar.

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Copyright: Ivan petrov
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 6320x3160
Uploaded: 16/09/2009
Updated: 17/09/2014


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