Church and town hall in zonhoven

Here we are the St. Quintinus church of zonhoven, St. Quintinus church is located in the east and the tow-hall in the west.

Zonhoven is a commune in the province of Limburg (Belgium). The town is located north of Hasselt which it borders. Also adjacent to Zonhoven Houthalen-Helchteren, Genk and Heusden-Zolder. Zonhoven is an urban living and working town and an urban edge town of Hasselt.
the classical Saint-Quintinuskerk, built between 1785 and 1788 commissioned by Augustina of Hamme, abbess of Herkenrode. Her arms, above the entrance. The tower is not charged was the tiendheffers but the parish community (the town) remained in its old form is. The church is protected in its entirety since 1983. The facade was protected in 1949. The interior is classical. The church contains:

     * An early Gothic tower from the first half of the 15th century. In the tower hangs a bell from 1443. The tower is protected since 1949.
     * Romanesque baptismal font from the 12th century in the baptistery at the bottom of the tower.
     * Robust Elly the organ whose oldest part was built in 1664. With 2446 pipes and 40 registers is the second largest organ of the province. [2] In the organ are still some original records found. This organ is derived from the abbey of Val-Saint-Lambert, and after the removal of the abbey in 1820 in the rebuilt church.

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