Cingshueiyan Scenic Area

Cingshueiyan Scenic Area sits at the foothills of the southern section of Phoenix Mt. Pellucid spring gushing from the rock crevices lends it the beautiful name. During the Japanese Colonial Period, it was among the eight scenic attractions in Kaohsiung and famous local spot as well. Climbers’ entrance is located in the rear of Cingshuei Temple. Cingshueiyan overlooks the scenery of Linyuan District as well as Linyuan Industrial Zone in sunny days. Geologically speaking, the Scenic Area is classified as uplifted coral limestone with abundant fossil content like trilobites, scallops, etc. Geological characteristics result in caves spreading throughout the entire rock area. Among which, Longpan Cave, a ruin of the Japanese colonial period, enjoys high popularity. It’s about six kilometers long, winding deep to reach Cingshuei Cave in half an hour, promising to satisfy the curiosity of explorers. Other attractions still include Lingquan Pool and red cedars. 

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Updated: 16/10/2012


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