City God Temple A Stage

The Pingyao County town god's temple located at the Pingyao old city east side, its at the beginning of Ming dynasty, the bright Jiajing 33 years (in 1544) repaired newly established, clear Kangxi, the Qianlong year repaired repairs builds, the clear Xianfeng nine years (in 1859) temple the duration destroyed in the fire, the clear Tongzhi three years (in 1864) continued repairs, the extant construction scale, was the Qing Dynasty regulates, the temple courtyard was great, the layout was complete, the total area was 7302 square meters. The Pingyao town god's temple and audiences the difference has in “the town god's temple”, “the wealth temple”, “stove Mr. the temple” three temples unites. town god's temple located at the entire architectural complex axle, facing south, around four enter the courtyard big, the palace tall and straight, faces the street the entrance, before the palace the stage platform, brings up the rear the imperial palace, is the Chinese Taoism temple palace model architectural style. the decorative archway, the entrance, the stage platform, offer the palace, the tutelary god palace, the imperial palace level stack-up to enter, the veranda, the official hall, the thing side building, the side hall depth is connected, the penetration is a body, both has the temple palace disposition characteristic, and government office construction wind standard, its theology interest and “after previous dynasty, sleeps” the function is very obvious. On the main hall roof the fine colored glaze is the Qing Dynasty original part, after hundred year vicissitudes, the luster like at the beginning, peacock blue each kind of product was especially studies ancient times the colored glaze rare valuable thing. Stove Mr. the temple, the wealth temple located at the east and west, supposes a courtyard in addition, from becomes the system. The town god's temple, the wealth temple, stove Mr. the temple communicate mutually, primary and secondary distinct, the temple is connected, the imposing manner is grand, the layout is neat, the view is very unusual. the Pingyao town god's temple is one of present domestic preserved most complete town god's temples, it big by scale, abundance the connotation, essence of the construction is famous. Regardless of Pingyao town god's temple from construction structure, the partial artistic treatment, in as well as the palace demonstrated the myth romaunt, manifested China ancient times the Confucian saying that two taught the cultural connotation primarily, was studies the Pingyao old city rituals of state characteristic, the religious system, the chitectural art and the thought culture rare historical heritage.

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More About shanxi

Shanxi located at Mt. Taihang west, east of Yellow River. Name of the Shanxi, because of occupies Mt. Taihang west to acquire fame. Was called since old times ?Biaolishanhe?. Spring and Autumn Period time, most districts for Jin all, therefore abbreviation ?Jin?; The Warring States initial period, Han, Zhao, Wei three divide the Jin, because and calls ?the Three-Jin?. The entire province total area 156,000 square kilometers, the total population nearly 34,000,000 people, presently govern Taiyuan, Datong, Shuozhou, Yangquan, Changzhi, Xinzhou, Luliang, Jinzhong, Linfen, Yuncheng, Jincheng and so on 11 locally administered levels, altogether 85 counties, 11 county-level cities, 23 municipal districts. Provincial capital Taiyuan, provincial government in the Taiyuan Municipal government east street. Rich tourism resources in Shanxi Province, historical monuments, scenic spots more. There are more famous Yungang Grottoes, Mount Temple group Jinci, Yingxian Wooden Tower, Yongle Palace,Xuankong Temple , Hukou Waterfall, Temple state solution, such as Hongtong large tree.