climbing kiln

The late Edo period, between the secular clan Hitati country Kasama Ka (Kasama now) began to be built by the Department of kiln in Mashiko was trained in Ootsuka Keizou.

Initially it was mainly produced daily necessities such as water jar brazier pots, and crafts to be made, such as vases, tea was started by Hamada Syouzi creative activity since 1927, is known to Japan be. In 1979, MITI (now METI), the traditional crafts specified. There are also other activities to promote the British potter Bernard Leach.

Copyright: Masahiro Tomuro
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 9100x4550
Taken: 16/09/2010
Uploaded: 11/12/2010
Updated: 07/03/2015


Tags: masiko; liln; noborigama
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