Coastal Walk - Kelong Segment

There are a few segments which make up of the entire north eastern coastline.

Kelong Walk as shown here. This stretch of the boardwalk has kelong stilts built over water, reminiscent of the 'good old kelong days'.

Sunset Walk. A splendid view of the sunset over Changi Point as shown here:

Cliff Walk: located just below the holiday chalets. A few viewing decks along this stretch at vantage points provide great panoramic views for photobugs to test their skills. Ironically, I haven't had any photo for this segment.

Sailing Point Walk: near the Changi Sailing Club provides open views of the sea. Some shots taken recently

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Copyright: Alan L
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 6000x3000
Taken: 04/03/2012
Uploaded: 01/03/2012
Updated: 16/10/2014


Tags: beach; north coast; restaurants; sea; water; food
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