College of environmental and marine science, Pukyong National University

PKNU(Pukyong National University) is founded in 1996, combined with National Fisheries University of Busan and Busan National University of Technology.

That's why PKNU has two campuses, that is Daeyon campus and Yongdang campus. College of College of environmental and marine science is in Daeyon campus.

For more information on PKNU, please refer to http://www.pknu.ac.kr/eng/.

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    Min Heo
    Under the pine tree in front of the main buiding of Pukyung National University
    Min Heo
    Arbor and little stream in Pukyung National University
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    Lee ByongSoon(이병순)
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    Lee ByongSoon(이병순)
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    Monument in front of BEXCO
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    Yosemite Valley, Bridalveil Fall
    More About Busan

    Busan, a bustling city of approximately 3.6 million residents, is located on the southeastern tip of the Korean peninsula. The size of Busan is 765.64km² which is 0.8% of the whole land of the Korean Peninsula. The natural environment of Busan is a perfect example of harmony between mountains, rivers and sea. Its geography includes a coastline with superb beaches and scenic cliffs, mountains which provide excellent hiking and extraordinary views, and hot springs scattered throughout the city. Busan enjoys four distinct seasons and a temperate climate that never gets too hot or too cold. Busan is the second largest city in Korea. Its deep harbor and gentle tides have allowed it to grow into the largest container handling port in the country and the fifth largest in the world. The city's natural endowments and rich history have resulted in Busan's increasing reputation as a world class city of tourism and culture, and it is also becoming renowned as an international convention destination.