Coral coast sunset, Fiji
Copyright: Nick Hobgood
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Uploaded: 11/04/2014
Updated: 11/04/2014


  • Eric Souvaroff 9 months ago
    Nice !!! Good place…
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    More About Fiji

    Fiji is one of the larger island groups in the South Pacific ocean with over 332 islands and a total land area of around 18,000 square kilometres. The island group is dominated by two large islands, Viti Levu (the main island) and Vanua Levu (to the NE).The geography is mostly volcanic being formed around 150 million years ago. There is still some geothermal activity in Vanua Levu near Savusavu and on the island of Taveuni.The Population of Fiji is approximately 850,000 most of which live on the two main islands. Three languages are spoken: Fijian, Fiji Hindi and English. The capital city is Suva on the island Viti Levu.The main international airport is located near Nadi town on the western side of Viti Levu and this is where the majority of the hotels and resorts are located. Popular regions to visit include the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands and the Coral Coast (South side of Viti Levu).